Why You Should Have a Lifestyle Session

As soon as my daughter was born, I was surprised at how quickly she changed. On one hand, I couldn’t wait for her to sleep longer and be more independent, yet at the same time I was saddened that she was growing up and there were so many things we would likely never do again. Things such as never sleeping in her crib again, never rocking her to sleep again, never nursing her again, and never eating in a high chair again. These moments are all consuming during those first months, but gone before we know it.

It wasn’t until she turned two and I booked a local photographer to take her picture, that I realized something was missing in her 2 year old photos. While they showed what she looked like at the time, what they didn’t show was her personality and what our life was like at that time. They didn’t show us reading her favorite book 100 times, her love for her “blankie” that I made her, or her authentic giggle and silly faces.

When I look back on photos from my daughter, I want to remember not just what she looked like, but the activities she did and things she loved. 

Think back your all time favorite photographs. Think about what you love about them. Are they perfectly posed photos with everyone looking at the camera or are they candid photographs that tell your story at that time in your life?

why lifestyle photography sessions are important by nikki shefchik photography

What I love about lifestyle photography is that it captures more than just what people look like. My mom unexpectedly passed away in 2012, just 8 months after my husband and I were married. I am grateful to our wedding photographer for capturing our story that day. One of my favorite photos of my parents is them laughing to each other during our reception. It shows how they felt about each other and the joy we experienced that day. I never thought at that moment that those photos would mean so much to me, but now they are the ones hanging in my home. They remind me not just of what my mom looked like, but her silly, energetic, loving personality that I miss dearly.

If a lifestyle photography session sounds like a good fit for your family, contact me to book a session. 

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